Shark Attack At Church

A picturesque Saturday evening sesh up at Church (in San O) turned into a nightmare when California State Parks lifeguards announced from their Jeep, “close the beach two miles in either direction, there was a shark attack in the area and we need all surfers to come ashore.”

Oh, Shit.


A female swimmer was attacked by a shark (in shallow water) on her “glute and down her thigh” off of Camp Pendleton’s San O Saturday around 6:30 p.m.

‘Somebody just yelled ‘shark’

While in distress, she was rescued by surfers — using their leash as a tourniquet — before she was airlifted to Scripps Memorial Hospital.

NBC SAN DIEGO‘s Ramon Galindo talked to one of those surfers, Hunter Robinson, who said “Somebody just yelled ‘shark’, you know, and like ‘shark! My friend got bit!’, he was just yelling it on the beach.”

We’ll keep you looped as we hear more, in the meantime, San Onofre State Beach is closed Sunday.

Sending love, support + healing vibes to the shark attack victim.

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