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Chris Cote
Written by Chris Cote

San Diego’s, Blair Alley first picked up a camera in High School and it was love at first photo—he was instantly hooked. “I saw the older skate heads shooting black and white photos of each other and making rad prints that looked like magazine photos and that just got me so hyped,” remembers Alley, who went on to major in art/photography in college to further hone his craft.

Wes Kremer, pole jam/wallie. Balboa Park

“All I really wanted to shoot skating for a magazine and travel.” The team at TransWorld SKATEboarding picked up Blair in 2002 for both his skills behind the lens as well as his knowledge of skating and relationships with the best street skaters not only in San Diego, but also in the skate world in general. Alley has been living his dream for the last 15 years, traveling with friends, shooting photos for both print and online at TransWorld SKATEboarding and of course catching a few grinds for himself along the way.
“When I’m not shooting, I might be out surfing, playing tennis, looking for new hikes, DJing at a local watering hole or checking out live music,” smile Blair.” Not only is San Diego great for skating, but you can do just about anything you’re into here, all year round—I love San Diego.”

Spencer Prati, switch ollie. Kearny Mesa

We asked Blair to hook us up with some of his favorite San Diego skate photos. From Downtown to North County, the San Diego skate scene is alive and well, and for every spot that gets “skate-stopped” or becomes a bust, there’s always another one around the corner ready to be discovered by a local ripper and more often than not, Blair Alley will be there to capture the session.

Jimmy Cao and friends. Bombing Concourse Garage. Downtown.

Tyler Surrey, switch backside kickflip. Mission Valley

Stephen Lawyer, kickflip. Encinitas

Brian Gille, backside tailslide. Downtown

For more skate photos and updates on his DJ gigs, follow @Blair.Alley on InstaGram

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