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YEW! I’m Joining The Mighty 1090 Lineup

Trip out, after metaphorically referring to radio as the angel of darkness in the San Diego Union-Tribune, I am here to tell you that I will be hosting a nightly talk show (6-9 p.m.) on San Diego’s Sports Leader MIGHTY 1090 starting TONIGHT.

Now, while you’re saying to yourself, “WTF? AM sports talk?!?!”, a lil backstory :

These last couple of months with YEW!, I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun.  In short, I have not been this passionate about something since I first got into radio in 1994 (fresh out of S.D.S.U.) — and, this ride is not stopping, in fact, quite the opposite.

A couple of weeks ago, I got contacted by the Broadcast Company of the Americas, operators of 105.7 MAX FM and The MIGHTY 1090, about a unique on-air opportunity.  Having JUST been interviewed by the San Diego Union-Tribune about making the switch from terrestrial radio to podcasting, the timing was a little awkward, but…

(1)  I am not in a financial position to turn down a job.

(2)  It’s a 100% partnership between Broadcast Company of the Americas + YEW! Media — I am an employee of YEW!, + both companies will share content.

(3)  I have always wanted to try “talk.”

But, sports talk ?  Why not, I surf every day and my kids in little league !

Seriously, with the Chargers leaving town and the Padres jumping to some FM station, the entire medium has been disrupted — the timing is perfect to try something unorthodox.  As fragmented as media is these days, I can host a new show every night and deliver a FULL show to your phone by the next morning for your commute.

Additionally, I look forward to introducing more action sports (surf / snow / skate / MMA) to the 1090 platform, as well as discussions about music, beer, + Mexican food.

When it comes to the X’s and O’s of traditional sports, I am thankful to have a rad network of pro sports bloggers / personalities (@LobShots / @gaslampball / @dallas_mc) within reach along with awesome, knowledgable dudes in house (@johnmgennaro / @619sports.)

Finally, regarding Kevin Acee, former co-worker + the dude who had the gig before me, I have nothing but respect for him + I’d be honored to have him on as a collaborator any time.

thank YEW!

Weekdays 6 – 9 p.m.
The MIGHTY 1090

please, get the APP, get the APP, get the APP !!