San Diego Police Introduce Machine To Determine If You’re Driving Stoned

Linda Barrett
Written by Linda Barrett

Heads up stoners, SDPD have joined a growing number of cities using “mouth swabs” to detect if you’re high on “the pot,” or other drugs, while behind the wheel.

Used in conjunction with a portable testing machine called the ‘Dräger 5000,’ the swabs collect saliva samples used to screen for meth, coke, prescription drugs, and yes, weed.

As reported by the Union Tribune, San Diego introduced the narc machine after meeting with Colorado officials, no strangers to marijuana laws.

The second city in CA to use the technology (after L.A.), San Diego has two Dräger 5000s on the street.  Resembling a Keurig, they were first introduced at a St. Paddy’s Day check point over the weekend in the downtown area.

photo courtesy of KFMB / NEWS 8

Here’s how it works :

  • SDPD determines whether or/not you appear wasted.
  • If yes, you’re asked to run a swab inside your mouth for a couple of minutes.  Then, the swab is placed in the Dräger 5000 for immediate results. *note: you can refuse the screening, but then the officer can order a blood test.
  • Depending on the results, you either go about your business, or you’re hauled away with a VC 23152 (e) DUI marijuana charge.

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