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Wheat & Water drops into Windansea

YEW Staff
Written by YEW Staff

A year ago I noticed some remodeling taking place on La Jolla Boulevard as I was driving through Bird Rock towards Windansea beach. It looked like a new restaurant was going in and like most life-long residents of the area, I was hopeful that something good was coming soon.

Well it took a little longer than many of us hoped for, but what a pleasant surprise Wheat and Water has turned out to be.

Three years after the initial concept of Wheat and Water was conceived, owners Ted Cochrane and his partner in the business Doug Ritz, endured a string of setbacks that would have left lesser men walking away from the dream in search of some easier path. Lucky for us, they are cut from a different cloth, and stayed with their concept through the ups and downs of building permits, flaky investors and working capitol. Through it all Cochrane said, “I stayed positive and just kept moving forward. It wasn’t easy, but it’s been worth it.” As we talk, I look around the beautiful restaurant; I have to agree with him.

As I sat having lunch with Cochrane, sharing stories of surf sessions, crazy old locals and a mutual affection for our time spent in Fiji working for a friend we share in common, I found myself rooting for the hometown guy who is doing all he can to support the community he loves so much. Cochrane could have opened his restaurant downtown or in the swanky Little Italy region, but he chose to do something special in his neighborhood for his community. Up until Bird Rock Coffee Roasters opened down the block less than 10 years ago, this stretch of Bird Rock was sleepy at best and many a restaurant has come and gone before the areas newfound popularity.

Today the stretch is thriving and Wheat and Water is the cornerstone attracting new, young people to the area. So what can you expect when you visit?


When you enter the restaurant, you feel the cozy vibes of the reclaimed teak interior right away. The relaxed atmosphere nails the beach area perfectly. While their handcrafted pizzas are a hit and incredibly delicious, one look at the menu and you will realize this place is much, much more.

From their amazing charcuterie platter (which blew my mind) to their incredible beet salad (I got mine with chicken) I was sold right away. In this day and age of trendy places with no substance, Wheat and Water buck the trend and provide a haven for great food, an original menu and a fun and inviting atmosphere. Parking is plentiful and their happy hour (3-6pm) is solid as it gets. If you have been looking for something new or just want to check out a new part of town, do yourself a favor and support some locals who are doing something special for their community.

Wheat & Water
5737 La Jolla Blvd
La  Jolla, CA 92037


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